Urban Farmer

Bring the garden home!

When it comes to food, everyone agrees: cooking with fresh produce tastes better. 

Easy to do when fresh ingredients are available in the backyard, but much less practical for those living in the city.

Filled with locally grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables, our design brings the convenience of vegetable gardens into the city home.

And it doesn’t stop there! It also inspires culinary creativity with its mouth-watering images, bringing out the best in every meal.

 - - -

Angled packaging for 3 plants.

Boosts brand awareness, improve inventory turnover and increase sales.

Eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable these multipacks only require folding to assemble. Offset printing on 24pts cardboard.

Min. order: 1000. Price upon request for any other quantity.

Basic modifications are included such as pot size, plant names, adding your logo, price, UPC code.