Closer to Nature with Perennials Forever...

Eternal Favorites

Like clockwork, perennials provide a sensational spectacle of color every year.

Beloved by gardening enthusiasts and pollinators alike - albeit for very different reasons - no one can resist their charm.

Thriving in both gardens and containers, they are a welcome addition to any home!

Our easy-to-carry design holds three plants, making it a breeze for customers to create beautiful arrangements guaranteed to dazzle year-in and year-out.

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Angled Packaging for 3 plants

Boosts brand awareness, improve inventory turnover and increase sales.

Adaptable • Customizable • Eco-packaging • Recyclable • Biodegradable • Compostable
Offset printing on 24pts cardboard. Min. order: 1000. Price upon request for any other quantity.

Basic modifications are included such as pot size, plant names, adding your logo, price, UPC code.