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Take Back the Garden!

Crafting the ideal garden only to have dogs, moles, and cats undertake repetitive unauthorized excavations of your flower bed is frankly irritating. And the less we say about the eternal fight waged against mosquitoes, the better.

So how can environmentally conscious customers keep those pesky garden-wreckers at bay?

Easy! Incorporate bug and animal repelling plants into their garden.

With our easy-to-carry design, you can offer an eco-friendly way for customers to reclaim their garden.

Technical aspect

Angled Packaging for 3 plants.

Multi-pack improves inventory turnover and increases sales. When customized, it also increases visibility and boosts brand awareness

Adaptable • Customizable • Eco-packaging • Recyclable • Biodegradable • Compostable. Folding-only assembly, no glue, tape or staples.

Offset printing on 24pts cardboard.

Min. order: 1,000. Price upon request for any other quantity.

Basic modifications are included such as pot size, plant names, adding your logo, price, UPC code.