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Drinks on Us!

Each cocktail tells a story through the shape of the glass, the color of the drink and, most importantly, the use of garnish.

The olives in a Dirty Martini, the pineapple in a Piña Colada or the celery stick in a Bloody Mary. All different, all iconic. That’s the beauty of cocktails.

Our easy-to-carry design features pictures of innovative drink ideas - and a recipe booklet inside! - to inspire customers to try their hand at mixology.

Use berries, herbs, vegetables or edible flowers… there are endless possibilities to mix-and-match!

Technical aspect

Angled Packaging for 3 plants.

Multi-pack improves inventory turnover and increases sales. When customized, it also increases visibility and boosts brand awareness

Adaptable • Customizable • Eco-packaging • Recyclable • Biodegradable • Compostable. Folding-only assembly, no glue, tape or staples.

Offset printing on 24pts cardboard.

Min. order: 1,000. Price upon request for any other quantity.

Basic modifications are included such as pot size, plant names, adding your logo, price, UPC code.