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Instructive-content creation, and QR-code management, for the communications and marketing of horticultural products.

France Lebeau, president
Director of production and product development

France looks after our production and product development. In other words, she navigates and steers the ship. Which makes sense, as she is the president and owner of Bip floral inc., a repository of horticultural photographs since 2002. Bip owns Plant Helper.

France has been working in graphic communications since 1979, first as a communications and print technician for the Desjardins Group, and then at Bip. Under France’s leadership, Bip continues to provide graphic communications services, marketing support and print-production management, especially in the horticultural field. Her most major accounts were BOTANIX, Hydro-Québec, and Coop Fédérée.

France is a seasoned communicator with extensive knowledge and expertise in graphic art, horticulture and project management. Plus, since running Bip, she’s learned an awful lot about running a company — such as developing a company’s unique strengths and finding a niche where its expertise is unmatched.

She was brought up in a family of Eastern-Townships market gardeners, working in the family business since her teens and picking up invaluable inside knowledge of the various tasks, responsibilities and challenges of marketing and producing horticultural products. You could say she has deep roots in the business.

Caroline Therrien
Marketing consultant

During her 8 years with jardineries BOTANIX, Caroline honed her retail marketing chops, especially as they relate to horticulture. Her first exposure to retail marketing was at a very young age, as her family were food merchants, providing her with a solid grounding in day-to-day operational efficiencies. As a result, she invariably thinks like a retailer, even when deploying marketing projects. Much to the benefit of our clients.

Following her early on-the-ground training, Caroline completed degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship at Concordia University. Having looked at the business from both sides now, she has developed two inviolable priorities: the client and service. Whether B2C or B2B, her goal is invariably to better understand her clients in order to provide them with superior service.

Claire Bélisle
Horticulturalist and editor

Claire Bélisle is a self-thought passionate gardener who learned the ropes of horticulture at her uncle’s nursery in 1986. Not afraid to experiment and to open books to find answers to all her questions, she quickly developped a true passion for ornemental horticulture. She later put her ever growing knowledge to the service of Jasmin Nursery for over a decade before moving on to become sales representative for a British-Columbia grower, Van Vloten Nursery. The same year, she bought her first house in Rigaud, which came with a large yard where she could try out plants to her hearth’s content!

Claire Bélisle is now known for her writer’s skills. She started a prolific collaboration with the trade magazine Québec Vert in 1999. She signed hundreds of horticulture related articles with a specialty for plant articles. Her collaboration with the consumer magazine Fleurs, Plantes et Jardins started few years after and never stopped. To keep in toutch with the new trends, she travels to the West Coast every year to attend a major event in the annual flower world, the California Spring Trials. She also led a group of professionnal in Italy few years ago, attended numerous trade shows in Canada and the US, and visited many garden centers and production nurseries throughout North America.

Today, between writing articles and travelling, she does what she likes best; get her hands dirty while doing some landscaping and garden maintenance work for a dozen customers.

Eva Mayer
Graphic designer

Eva has been Bip floral’s graphic designer since 2011. She began her studies in her native land of Austria, moving on to study in France and Italy. She has also worked and studied all over North America, including Knoxville, Tennessee, New York and Montréal. We love her – as will you – for not only her self-sufficiency and high energy levels, but also for her broad understanding of all the available graphics software. As well as being extremely organised (but not irritatingly so) she doesn’t miss a single detail.

Mathieu L’Écuyer
Consultant and freelancer

Mathieu originally studied cinema, and over 15 years — spurred on by a strong interest in computers — developed his aptitudes for video editing and computer-assisted graphics, as well as Web-site programming and development. He is our go-to guy for turning dreams into virtual reality.

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