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Instructive-content creation, and QR-code management, for the communications and marketing of horticultural products.

Privacy policy

Plant Helper, a brand of Bip Floral inc. takes privacy issues very seriously. That's why we adopt whatever measures are necessary to ensure the confidentiality of information that relates to you personally, that is any information about you that you provide at the time of your visit.

Protection of personal information

Personal information obtained by Plant Helper is strictly confidential and will never be made public, sold, or disclosed to third parties without your consent. The personal information we obtain is only used to process your order from your purchases on this web site.

Links to third party web sites

For your convenience, this site provide links to the web sites of third parties or parts of their web sites. However, Plant Helper has no control over the content or operation of these web sites, nor does it control the confidentiality or privacy practices of the web site operators. Consequently, any personal information you submit through such web sites is governed by the privacy policies of the sites in question. It is therefore your responsibility to find out about their policies in order to protect information that concerns you.


Plant Helper reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Plant Helper also reserves the right to transmit personal information about you to the extent we must do so under the law or so as to protect the copyright of our web site or products.


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