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Instructive-content creation, and QR-code management, for the communications and marketing of horticultural products.

Key Advantages and Results

Are you aware of the Plant Helper QR code benefits?

Results for your business:

Garden Centers Are Intimidating?

A recent study highlights the fact that young people are, in some way, afraid of shopping in garden centres to buy plants.

“ To them, garden centers are minefields of potentially embarrassing moments. These stores are for experts and are designed for the elite plantsman... ”

When preparing the Plant Helper QR codes we thought of them. All QR codes are linked to meaningful content helping people to choose, plant and maintain their plants. With all this information on hand, young people can be confident to create and achieve their own flavourful and flowery outdoor space successfully.



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Greener than green: the Plant Helper QR codes become a gardening reference book without the paper.

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