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We, at Bip Floral Inc., work with the most recent technical equipment available, always providing the best quality of products and services.

Camera : Phase One
Digital camera back : 31 million pixels (31 mega pixels)
The digital camera back is a miniaturized hyper sophisticated scanner. The generated images are 90 megabytes (meg) in RGB (red, green, blue) and close to 120 megabytes in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).

Image resolution
For screen use (Internet, CD-ROMs)

Low resolution :


 RGB 72 dpi

For graphic reproduction:

Medium resolution :


CMYK 300 dpi

High resolution :  

9” CMYK 300 dpi

Poster resolution :

13,5” CMYK 300 dpi

In the graphic industry, the recognized standard for an enlargement while preserving the reproduction quality of the image is 130%.

An image of


should not exceed






The exception: The equipment we use enables us to assert that the first generation images (or originals), namely images in the 13,5" format can be enlarged at 200% without risks of deterioration. In the way an original picture of 13,5" can be enlarged and reproduced up to 27" and more if required.

Should you wish to use only a portion of an image, choosing a high-resolution image will assure you better results.

Other considerations
The chosen reproduction process, the equipment’s used, the type of paper grade, all are factors which will have an influence over the quality of your final print.

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