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Research method
This software does not differentiate small or capital letters (it’s not case sensitive).
Research fields can be used independently from one another.
"Plant type" and "color" fields can be used together, thus narrowing down your search.

You may use one field only to do a research. For example, you can search for yellow plants by using "yellow" in the color menu. You may also search for conifers while using the word "conifer" under the category option.

Plant name
You may use either the botanical or common name, in full or partially. The research engine will bring you to the corresponding photographs and descriptions.

Note: in the database, the botanical name is written in accordance with the trade method, gender, specie and cultivar. Example: Hosta fortunei ‘Gold Standard’ or Rosa ‘Lili Marleen’.

In some cases, you will find the abbreviation x and sp.

Should you search for rose or rosa, a large selection of pictures will be proposed to you. On the other hand, should you search for "Marleen", only the pictures referring to this specie will appear.

Knowing that the color "green" would apply to most plants, trees and shrubs, it will be used only to identify plants with green foliage (hosta), some gramineous plants and fine herbs.

The color is defined by its prevalence. Only one color has been retained per plant.

Under this option you will find a group of pictures corresponding to the selection you have made.

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